10 things to do with free dynamic DNS and VPN services.

  1.) Give your (or someone elses) DSL/ADSL/Cable internet connection a memorable name.

  2.) Make a super long cool domain name.. super.long.cool.domain.name.butai.us.com

  3.) Run a web server at home, then test it from the internet using our free VPN service.

  4.) Save money and use one of our free domains!

  5.) Run a VoIP PBX from home.

  6.) Give your internal hosts DNS entries.. xbox.ns360.info ->

  7.) Create firewall rules for dynamic hosts.

  8.) Create one off domains.. happy.birthday.mom.user32.com

  9.) Get a static IP using the free VPN.

  10.) Give everything a hostname!.. fridge.dnsapi.info